R.I.P. Unity Web Player

I know nobody reads this blog yet. I mean, nobody knows about it other than me pretty much. I don’t promote it, other than as a link in my signature on a forum or two. But I like having a place to write stuff about what I’m working on, so there ya go!

I used to have a different blog, but I didn’t really like it, and it never really went anywhere, so I decided to start over. Anyway, on that old blog, I posted a Unity game that I wrote last fall called “Asteroid Runner”. After so many years of failed projects and game ideas that never went anywhere, I had challenged myself to write and publish a complete game in a month and that was the result. It was an endless runner-type game where you piloted a spaceship through an asteroid field and tried to last as long as you could. There were power-ups to collect along the way. Yeah, it was a simple concept, but I wanted something simple for my first complete game. It required the Unity Web Player plugin to play in your browser. It was the first game I ever wrote and released completely by myself, and I was proud of it.

Then, for whatever reason, Chrome started blocking the Unity Web Player plugin. It still works in Firefox as far as I know, but I don’t use Firefox, and there are ways to get it to work in Chrome, but it involves a bit of fiddling with config files that I’d rather not do, and I wouldn’t expect anyone who wanted to play it to have to do either. So my game isn’t playable at the moment.

But, never fear. Unity 5 is available now (full version, for free – seriously!) and they have migrated from the Web Player plugin to WebGL now. So, I will be updating my game, hopefully soon, to run under Unity 5 with the WebGL service and then I can re-post it then. I’ve wanted to do a few enhancements to it anyway, so that’ll give me the opportunity to do that as well. Look for that relatively soon-ish.

I would have done this already, but I’m in the middle of working on a more complex project in an effort to elevate my level of knowledge in working with Unity. It’s a side-scrolling platformer/action game which is a tribute to the old FPS Heretic (one of my all time favorite games). I currently have a player sprite in and running around, picking up items, etc. The biggest challenge is designing levels that are reminiscent of Heretic’s levels, but that are playable in a side-scroller. That’s going to take some work, I think. Before anyone says it, I know there are copyright issues in basing this on Raven’s intellectual property. But, I don’t ever plan to release it. My main goal with this project is to learn how to do a platformer without having to worry about game design decisions. Once I get everything figured out, then I can write my own original game and focus on game design instead of coding 🙂

But of course, I have my 50+ hour-per-week job that takes away my game development time, so it’s slow going. But it’s all fun 🙂

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