Asteroid Runner Lives Again!

I finally got a bit of free time to work on porting Asteroid Runner over to Unity 5.2. Since the Unity Web Player is going bye-bye, I am exporting it and posting it as WebGL. So, check it out. But be warned, Unity’s WebGL support is still not complete, so there may be a bug […]

Trello – My Newest Best Friend

I live my life in a perpetual state of being unorganized and behind. Whether at work or home, it always seems like I have too many projects going and I never seem to know where to start or what to do next on a given project. So, I’ve spent the last few days searching around […]

R.I.P. Unity Web Player

I know nobody reads this blog yet. I mean, nobody knows about it other than me pretty much. I don’t promote it, other than as a link in my signature on a forum or two. But I like having a place to write stuff about what I’m working on, so there ya go! I used […]


Welcome to my humble corner of the web.  I’m Rod.  I am a novice Unity3D programmer.  This blog is for me to explore what I learn as I struggle through the ins and outs of learning Unity.  Hopefully others will find something useful in my tribulations 🙂